Managing Partner @Zero-One Capital


• Zero-One is an investment fund offering capital exposure to the burgeoning blockchain-cryptocurrency space. In a series of tailored portfolio solutions, Zero-One takes a pragmatic approach to management: synthesizing deep learning, algorithmic trading, and boutique data into consensus-driven strategies that outperform with full autonomy and massively scaled execution on hundreds of currency pairs.

• As a private investor, William made pre-sale investments in Ethereum and Antcoin/NEO which are now the 2nd and 8th largest digital currencies by market cap at $29.4 and $1.7 billion respectively. With Zero-One, he brings the same insight to a new generation of blockchain-cryptocurrency investment instruments.

• Previously, William worked with Korenvaes Capital for 1 year to develop algorithms for SME analytics; Broadcom Corporation for 3 years where he invented the first flexible network scheduling algorithm and lead Project Orca in collaboration with Google; and Innovium Corporation for 2 years from its series A to C rounds where he was a technical architect and Head of Machine Learning for their next-gen cloud infrastructure solution. In parallel, William has been an independent algorithmic trader on equities, options, and futures for over 4 years with extensive experience in alternative data and quantitative methods.

• William holds a double BS in Electrical Engineering/Business and MS in Electrical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology. He is currently an active member of the Caltech Alumni Entrepreneurship Group and was prior an active member in both the Caltech Entrepreurship Club and Student Investment Fund.


William Fan