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November 17 - 18 | Los Angeles, CA




Since our very first edition in 2012, we’ve been setting an exceptional precedent by uniting world-class FinTech innovators, next generation investors, recognized authorities and the new players of Main Street, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach and Washington D.C. who are transforming capital markets and financing models in favor of small businesses, entrepreneurial ventures and local communities. 

We’ve been committed to building our brand on high-quality versus quantity and have had a limited space by design since 2012 but an ongoing overwhelming positive feedback has led to the expansion. This year we have two whole days, enriched our program significantly (stay tuned for more updates), moved to the Los Angeles Convention Center and aim to bring 1,000+ delegates. We have been called by many observers a “Davos of Entrepreneurship” and we pledge to continue to be a benchmark for a highly valuable, unbiased and the most comprehensive content on modern venture financing tools and a high-quality audience which includes formidable leaders and financiers with the willpower to make positive change and challenge the status quo in the venture financing world. We believe that progress happens only through engagement with all vital parts of the financial system.  


We welcome diverse perspectives from all capital markets participants as well as from the government, on both local and global scales. In two days only, you will be able to envision the entire system of business financing tools and alternatives currently existing in the market place including crowd capital, venture capital, angel investing, P2P, and the government-endorsed programs. We recognize and appreciate the fact that we live in a globally interconnected ecosystem and have been honored to have world-class speakers and participants from different parts of the world including the U.K., Argentina, Brazil, Russia, India, China, Rumania, Netherlands, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hong Kong and Canada.


We are pioneering the “from-think-tank-to-do-tank” approach connecting delegates and speakers, investors and entrepreneurs, local community with their global peers in the most intelligent and fun way. The aim of the event is to assure maximum interaction among attendees and panelists where every participant is encouraged to be involved in a lively discussion with panelists. There are no self-promotional speeches or sleep inducing presentations. The ultimate goal of such an exclusive gathering is that the attendees can start building meaningful relationships at the event and then continue their dialogue and collaborate with each other after the Forum. 


High caliber of speakers and attendees ensures outstanding networking opportunities and a powerful exchange of best practices and lessons learned from financing practices and fundraising experiences.  We are non-partisan and not tied to any special interests: our core value is to share practical knowledge and forward-looking information on modern venture financing options in the most objective, balanced and impartial way while upholding fundraising practices to the highest standards and ethics


Humor and entertainment is an important part of our gathering as the backgrounds of our participants are very diverse and unique: from private investors and scientists to foreign consulate representatives, world-class producers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and artists. In other words, our audience includes a very fun mix of people who traditionally do not have an opportunity to meet each other in other business settings. 


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