President and CEO of FINCA International

• Founded and grew FINCA from a single village bank to an organization with 10,000 employees and over 1.6 million clients across five continents and a loan portfolio of more than $800 million.

• One of the world’s leading microfinance organizations, Washington DC-based FINCA has helped millions of people from 20 countries climb the ladder out of poverty, simply by giving them the tools to start and build their own businesses.

• Has created profitable financial institutions, focused on the poorest micro entrepreneurs, in some of the most difficult, dangerous markets on earth.

• Spends most of his life “dodging revolutions, earthquakes and assassins in the Third World, and once running for my life from a mob in Mogadishu, Somalia!”

• Believes that empowering individuals and championing women in the creation of new businesses is critical to raising living standards throughout the world.

• Author of The Social Entrepeneur’s Handbook and host of the Social Enterprise podcast