Entrepreneur and Blockchain Advocate CoFounder, Los Angeles Blockchain Lab CoFounder and CEO, HomeSidekick

• Promotes blockchain technology as CoFounder of the Los Angeles (UCLA / USC) Blockchain Lab -- a collaborative community of universities, government, startups, enterprise, nonprofits, and investors on a mission to advance progress and foster the development of blockchain technologies. Members agree to increase civic engagement among all citizens; advance technological progress; link classrooms to burgeoning careers; and foster economic opportunities across Southern California.

• Serves as CoFounder of HomeSidekick – a peer-to-peer mortgage-lending platform that disintermediates costly middlemen by using smart contracts, a blockchain technology. She and her team are launching an ICO by the end of the year.

• Heidi is also a mentor for the DApper Network to develop the Los Angeles blockchain technical talent pool, a guest lecturer at UCLA and USC, and a hand-selected participant for Richard Branson’s Blockchain Summit where 40 global thought leaders are invited to address blockchain’s potential for social impact.

• Prior to her blockchain activism, Heidi focused on turning around distressed assets, growing small businesses into top-tier national firms, and leading sales teams for companies including Ascension Insurance Services and AIG.


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