CEO & Co-Founder at The SMBX (The Small & Medium Business Exchange)

• Gabrielle is the Chief Operating Officer at The SMBX, a blockchain-based platform for buying and selling small business financial securities –shares, convertible notes, coins, and especially bonds. Their mission is to bring a public marketplace model of finance to small businesses, and in the process transform people’s affective experience of finance.

• Gabrielle has a decade of financial accounting, strategy, and operations experience; including: managing the loan portfolio of the Artists Community Federal Credit Union, the restricted royalty funds of TuneCore, and architecting financial infrastructure for countless SMBs.

• Dedicated to creating a surplus ecosystem, Gabrielle believes that giving SMBs access to capital while creating an engaging and empowering investing experience for people is the means.

• Mentor at SHE-CAN and Peer Support Volunteer at The Shanti Project.

Gabrielle Katsnelson