World renowned financier, author, FinTech inventor, and philanthropist

• Acknowledged worldwide as pioneer in the fields of mutual fund analysis and stock index futures (“Lipper Index”).

• Formed two New York Stock Exchange member firms, Arthur Lipper Corporation that invested in privately owned companies and New York & Foreign Securities, and served both as Chairman.

• Lectured at many prominent universities, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Georgetown, and has written numerous books on investing in privately owned companies, entrepreneurship and the management of early stage companies.

• Developed the methodology to implement a public Royalty Exchange, to manage and monetize Exchange Traded Royalties - this innovation was driven by Mr. Lipper’s concern that financing of many private companies might be better accomplished through a share of revenues, rather than through the traditional means of selling equity or incurring debt.

He has been the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Venture, The Magazine for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs and has authored a number of books on entrepreneurship and early stage company financing and management

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