Principal of Chain Agnostics, Blockchain, DLT & Crypto Consultancy

• Adrian Cortez of Chain Agnostics is a seasoned thought leader and community builder in the nascent blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) industry

• With a background in international business development, investment management, and entrepreneurship, he brings a global outlook supported by an extensive network and experience across multiple disciplines

• With a keen understanding of how both public and private chains fit into the ever-evolving landscape of IoT and Fintech, Adrian is sought after by some of the most active, passionate, and insightful influencers in the space for his perspective on the industry

• Adrian is a graduate of Yale University and has spent a decade conducting business and networking in China

• In his spare time, Adrian organizes blockchain-related meetups and hackathons and works to advance blockchain adoption in Chicago.


Adrian Cortez